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  • AMST 2500 Certificate in American Muslim Life: Law & Society
    | Paperback
    The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a non-profit research and education institution, has collected and published research on Americans who are Muslim for nearly 20 years. That research provides the bedrock and context for these online courses, created by and supplemented by a collection of resources from other institutions and scholars. The Institute for the Social Policy and Understanding, in partnership with, awards the ISPU Certificate in Religious Liberty for those who complete the course collection, AMST 2500 American Muslims: Law & Society. The curriculum includes a study of Muslims in Early America, contemporary demographics about American Muslims, controversies about the treatment of Muslims, and pathways for building resilient Muslim communities in America. Skills: Civil Dialogue, Empathy, Legal Literacy, Media Literacy, Religious Literacy, Resiliency Non-Credit: 15 hours for 1 Certificate Credit: Use the LiveChat to speak with your advisor about completing 45 hours of research to earn three college credits for completing this certificate program. Level: College, Graduate, Professional Development